ENSCOBASE: the ENSCONET Virtual Seed Bank

Conservation Queries

GSPC target 8b: "At least 20% of threatened plant species available for recovery and restoration programmes."

Mapping ENSCONET ex-situ species vs. European Red List of Vascular Plants and IUCN Red List 2015.4
European Red List of Vascular Plants
IUCN Red List 2015.4
Taxonomic status
in EPM (Euro+Med)
or TPL (The Plant List)
(If synonym)
Accepted name
in EPM (Euro+Med)
or TPL (The Plant List)
Taxa conserved
by ENSCONET Consortium,
and available for recovery
and restoration programmes
Number of accessions
conserved ex-situ by ENSCONET Consortium,
and available for recovery
and restoration programmes
Abies nebrodensis Accepted EPM 0
Abies pectinata var. nebrodensis Synonym EPM Abies nebrodensis0
Abies pinsapo Accepted EPM 3
Abies pinsapo var. pinsapo Synonym TPL Abies pinsapo3
Acis nicaeensis Accepted EPM 0
Aconitum corsicum Synonym TPL Aconitum napellus subsp. corsicum0
Aconitum napellus subsp. corsicum Accepted TPL 0
Actinocarpus damasonium Synonym TPL Damasonium alisma2
Adenocarpus ombriosus Accepted EPM 9
Aeonium balsamiferum Accepted EPM 0
Aeonium gomerense Accepted EPM 6
Aeonium saundersii Accepted EPM 1
Aethionema retsina Accepted EPM 2
Aichryson dumosum Accepted EPM 0
Aldrovanda generalis Synonym TPL Aldrovanda vesiculosa0
Aldrovanda verticillata Synonym TPL Aldrovanda vesiculosa0
Aldrovanda vesiculosa Accepted TPL 0
Alisma damasonium Synonym EPM Damasonium alisma2
Alisma stellatum Synonym TPL Damasonium alisma2
Alisma wahlenbergii Accepted EPM 0
Allium ampeloprasum subsp. pardoi Synonym EPM Allium pardoi0
Allium corsicum Accepted EPM 0
Allium pardoi Accepted EPM 0
Allium pyrenaicum Accepted EPM 0
Allium schmitzii Accepted EPM 0
Alyssum pyrenaicum Synonym EPM 0
Amsonia orientalis Accepted EPM 0
Anacamptis boryi Accepted EPM 0
Anacyclus depressus Synonym EPM Anacyclus pyrethrum0
Anacyclus freynii Synonym EPM Anacyclus pyrethrum0
Anacyclus pyrethrum Accepted EPM 0
Anacyclus pyrethrum var. depressus Synonym TPL Anacyclus pyrethrum0
Anacyclus pyrethrum var. microcephalus Synonym TPL Anacyclus pyrethrum0
Anacyclus pyrethrum var. pyrethrum Synonym TPL Anacyclus pyrethrum0
Anacyclus pyrethrum var. subdepressus Synonym TPL Anacyclus pyrethrum0
Anagyris latifolia Unresolved TPL 43
Anchusa crispa Accepted EPM 0
Androcymbium gramineum Accepted EPM 4
Androcymbium gramineum subsp. psammophilum Accepted EPM 14
Androcymbium psammophilum Synonym EPM Androcymbium gramineum subsp. psammophilum14
Androcymbium rechingeri Accepted EPM 5
Androrchis sitiaca Synonym EPM Orchis sitiaca0
Andryala crithmifolia Accepted EPM 0
Anemone pulsatilla Accepted TPL 15
Anemone uralensis Accepted TPL 0
Anthemis glaberrima Accepted EPM 0
Anthemis pyrethrum Synonym EPM Anacyclus pyrethrum0
Antirrhinum charidemi Accepted EPM 11
Antirrhinum lopesianum Synonym EPM Antirrhinum molle subsp. lopesianum0
Antirrhinum molle subsp. lopesianum Accepted EPM 0
Antirrhinum subbaeticum Unresolved TPL 5
Apium bermejoi Synonym EPM Helosciadium bermejoi4
Apollonias barbujana subsp. ceballosi Accepted TPL 0
Aquilegia barbaricina Accepted TPL 3
Aquilegia nuragica Accepted TPL 0
Aquilegia pyrenaica subsp. cazorlensis Accepted TPL 29
Arabis kennedyae Accepted EPM 3
Arbutus canariensis Accepted EPM 7
Arctophila fulva Accepted EPM 0
Arenaria bolosii Synonym TPL Arenaria grandiflora subsp. bolosii1
Arenaria grandiflora subsp. bolosii Accepted EPM 1
Arenaria nevadensis Accepted EPM 0
Argyranthemum lidii Accepted EPM 17
Argyranthemum pinnatifidum subsp. succulentum Accepted EPM 3
Argyranthemum thalassophilum Accepted EPM 0
Argyranthemum winteri Accepted EPM 4
Armeria berlengensis Accepted EPM 0
Armeria helodes Accepted EPM 0
Armeria maritima subsp. sampaioi Synonym EPM Armeria sampaioi0
Armeria pseudarmeria Accepted EPM 2
Armeria purpurea Synonym EPM Armeria maritima subsp. purpurea1
Armeria sampaioi Accepted EPM 0
Armeria soleirolii Accepted EPM 0
Arrhenatherum pallens Accepted TPL 0
Artemisia granatensis Accepted EPM 12
Artemisia insipida Accepted EPM 0
Artemisia laciniata Accepted EPM 1
Artemisia molinieri Accepted EPM 1
Artemisia pancicii Accepted EPM 0
Arum purpureospathum Accepted EPM 1
Asparagus arborescens Accepted EPM 3
Asparagus equisetifolius Synonym EPM Asparagus arborescens3
Asparagus fallax Accepted EPM 3
Asparagus nesiotes Accepted EPM 0
Asparagus plocamoides Accepted EPM 9
Asparagus retrofractus Synonym EPM Asparagus arborescens3
Asparagus scoparius subsp. plocamoides Synonym EPM Asparagus plocamoides9
Asphodelus bento-rainhae Accepted EPM 1
Aster pyrenaeus Accepted EPM 8
Aster sorrentinii Accepted TPL 0
Astragalus cavanillesii Accepted EPM 0
Astragalus drupaceus Accepted EPM 0
Astragalus macrocarpus subsp. lefkarensis 0
Astragalus maritimus Accepted EPM 1
Astragalus physocalyx Accepted EPM 0
Astragalus setosulus Accepted EPM 0
Astragalus tanaiticus Accepted EPM 0
Astragalus tremolsianus Accepted EPM 2
Astragalus verrucosus Accepted EPM 1
Asyneuma giganteum Accepted EPM 1
Athamanta cortiana Accepted EPM 0
Atractylis arbuscula Accepted EPM 0
Atractylis preauxiana Accepted EPM 40
Atriplex lanfrancoi Accepted EPM 0
Atropa baetica Accepted EPM 60
Aurinia uechtritziana Synonym EPM Lepidotrichum uechtritzianum0
Avena hackelii Synonym EPM Helictochloa hackelii0
Avenula hackelii Synonym EPM Helictochloa hackelii0
Avenula hackelii subsp. algarbiensis Synonym EPM Helictochloa hackelii0
Avenula hackelii subsp. hackelii Helictochloa hackelii0
Azorina vidalii Accepted EPM 0
Barbarea dentata Synonym EPM Sisymbrella dentata0
Barbarea lepuznica Synonym EPM Barbarea vulgaris15
Barbarea vulgaris Accepted EPM 15
Barbarea vulgaris subsp. lepuznica 15
Barlia metlesicsiana Synonym EPM Himantoglossum metlesicsianum1
Bassia saxicola Accepted EPM 0
Bellevalia webbiana Accepted EPM 0
Bencomia brachystachya Accepted EPM 9
Bencomia exstipulata Accepted EPM 27
Bencomia sphaerocarpa Accepted EPM 7
Beta adanensis Synonym TPL Beta vulgaris subsp. adanensis0
Beta hastata Synonym EPM Patellifolia procumbens3
Beta nana Accepted EPM 0
Beta patula Accepted EPM 0
Beta pumila Synonym EPM Patellifolia procumbens3
Beta vulgaris subsp. adanensis Accepted EPM 0
Beta vulgaris subsp. patula Synonym TPL Beta patula0
Beta webbiana Synonym EPM Patellifolia procumbens3
Bethencourtia hermosae Accepted EPM 4
Betula pendula subsp. fontqueri Synonym EPM Betula pendula var. fontqueri18
Betula pendula var. fontqueri Accepted EPM 18
Betula pendula var. parvibracteata Synonym EPM Betula pendula var. fontqueri18
Biscutella neustriaca Accepted EPM 1
Biscutella rotgesii Accepted EPM 0
Biscutella sempervirens subsp. vicentina Accepted EPM 0
Biscutella vincentina Synonym EPM Biscutella sempervirens subsp. vicentina0
Borderea chouardii Synonym EPM Dioscorea chouardii0
Brassica glabrescens Synonym EPM Brassica repanda subsp. glabrescens0
Brassica hilarionis Accepted EPM 6
Brassica macrocarpa Accepted EPM 1
Brassica oleracea subsp. macrocarpa Synonym EPM Brassica macrocarpa1
Brassica repanda subsp. glabrescens Accepted EPM 0
Braya linearis Accepted EPM 0
Brimeura duvigneaudii Accepted EPM 1
Bupleurum capillare Accepted EPM 4
Bupleurum dianthifolium Accepted EPM 0
Bupleurum elatum Accepted EPM 0
Bupleurum handiense Accepted EPM 8
Bupleurum kakiskalae Accepted EPM 1
Calamaria malinverniana Accepted TPL 0
Calendula maritima Synonym EPM Calendula suffruticosa subsp. maritima2
Calendula suffruticosa subsp. maritima Accepted EPM 2
Callianthemum kernerianum Accepted TPL 0
Callitriche pulchra Accepted TPL 0
Campanula bohemica subsp. gelida Synonym EPM Campanula scheuchzeri8
Campanula lanata Accepted EPM 1
Campanula sabatia Accepted EPM 0
Campanula scheuchzeri Accepted EPM 8
Canariothamnus hermosae Synonym EPM Bethencourtia hermosae4
Caralluma burchardii Accepted EPM 24
Carduus myriacanthus Accepted EPM 3
Carlina acanthifolia subsp. utzka Accepted EPM 0
Carlina diae Accepted EPM 1
Carlina onopordifolia Synonym EPM Carlina acanthifolia subsp. utzka0
Caropsis verticillatoinundata Accepted EPM 0
Carthamus balearicus Accepted EPM 5
Centaurea akamantis Accepted EPM 7
Centaurea alba subsp. heldreichii Synonym EPM Centaurea heldreichii0
Centaurea alba subsp. princeps Synonym EPM Centaurea princeps0
Centaurea attica subsp. megarensis Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea balearica Synonym EPM Carthamus balearicus5
Centaurea borjae Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea corensis Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea corymbosa Accepted EPM 3
Centaurea dubjanskyi Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea gadorensis Accepted EPM 2
Centaurea gymnocarpa Accepted EPM 1
Centaurea heldreichii Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea horrida Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea immanuelis-loewii Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea jankae Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea kalambakensis Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea lancifolia Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea niederi Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea peucedanifolia Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea princeps Accepted EPM 0
Centaurea pulvinata Accepted EPM 2
Centaurea sagredoi subsp. pulvinata Synonym EPM Centaurea pulvinata2
Centaurea sagredoi subsp. tenuiloba Synonym EPM Centaurea gadorensis2
Centaurium chloodes subsp. somedanum Synonym EPM Centaurium somedanum7
Centaurium somedanum Accepted EPM 7
Centranthus amazonum Accepted EPM 0
Centranthus trinervis Accepted TPL 1
Cephalanthera cucullata Accepted EPM 4
Cephalanthera epipactoides Accepted EPM 0
Cerastium dinaricum Accepted EPM 0
Cerastium sventenii Accepted EPM 2
Ceropegia dichotoma subsp. krainzii Accepted EPM 0
Chaenorhinum serpyllifolium subsp. lusitanicum Synonym EPM Linaria serpyllifolia subsp. lusitanica0
Chamaemeles coriacea Accepted EPM 1
Cheirolophus crassifolius Accepted EPM 0
Cheirolophus duranii Accepted EPM 5
Cheirolophus falcisectus Accepted EPM 12
Cheirolophus ghomerythus Accepted EPM 0
Cheirolophus junonianus Accepted EPM 2
Cheirolophus massonianus Accepted EPM 0
Cheirolophus metlesicsii Accepted EPM 5
Cheirolophus santos-abreui Accepted EPM 3
Cheirolophus satarataensis Accepted EPM 0
Cheirolophus tagananensis Accepted EPM 1
Chrysanthemum flosculosum Synonym EPM Plagius flosculosus2
Cicer canariense Accepted EPM 8
Cicer graecum Accepted EPM 0
Cineraria malvifolia Synonym EPM Pericallis malvifolia0
Cistus chinamadensis Accepted TPL 0
Cistus heterophyllus subsp. carthaginensis Accepted TPL 3
Clinopodium taygeteum Accepted EPM 0
Cochlearia polonica Accepted EPM 0
Cochlearia tatrae Accepted EPM 0
Coincya rupestris Accepted EPM 4
Colchicum corsicum Accepted EPM 0
Consolida samia Accepted TPL 0
Convolvulus argyrothamnos Accepted TPL 0
Convolvulus fernandesii Accepted TPL 0
Convolvulus lopezsocasii Accepted TPL 5
Convolvulus massonii Accepted TPL 0
Coristospermum huteri Synonym EPM Ligusticum lucidum subsp. huteri7
Coronopus navasii Accepted EPM 4
Crambe arborea Accepted EPM 4
Crambe feuilleei Accepted TPL 1
Crambe gomeraea Accepted EPM 1
Crambe laevigata Accepted EPM 2
Crambe microcarpa Accepted EPM 2
Crambe pritzelii Accepted EPM 14
Crambe scaberrima Accepted EPM 7
Crambe scoparia Accepted EPM 5
Crambe sventenii Accepted EPM 32
Crambe tamadabensis Accepted TPL 2
Crambe wildpretii Accepted TPL 0
Crataegus nigra Accepted EPM 0
Cremnophyton lanfrancoi Synonym EPM Atriplex lanfrancoi0
Crepis crocifolia Synonym EPM Phitosia crocifolia0
Crepis granatensis Accepted EPM 6
Crepis nigrescens Accepted EPM 0
Crepis purpurea Accepted EPM 0
Crepis pygmaea subsp. anachoretica Synonym EPM Crepis granatensis6
Crepis tectorum subsp. nigrescens Synonym EPM Crepis nigrescens0
Crocus cyprius Accepted EPM 4
Crocus hartmannianus Accepted EPM 3
Cynoglossum albanicum Synonym EPM Solenanthus albanicus0
Cytisus aeolicus Accepted EPM 1
Cytisus rosmarinifolius Unresolved TPL 0
Dactylorhiza iberica Accepted EPM 0
Dactylorhiza kalopissii Accepted EPM 0
Dactylorhiza kalopissii subsp. pythagorae Accepted EPM 0
Dactylorhiza macedonica Synonym EPM Dactylorhiza kalopissii subsp. macedonica0
Dactylorhiza pythagorae Synonym EPM Dactylorhiza kalopissii subsp. pythagorae0
Damasonium alisma Accepted EPM 2
Damasonium alisma subsp. polyspermum Synonym EPM 0
Damasonium damasonium Synonym EPM Damasonium alisma2
Damasonium polyspermum Accepted EPM 5
Damasonium stellatum Synonym EPM Damasonium alisma2
Daphne rodriguezii Accepted EPM 6
Delphinium caseyi Synonym TPL Delphinium fissum subsp. caseyi0
Delphinium fissum subsp. caseyi Accepted TPL 0
Dendriopoterium pulidoi Accepted EPM 9
Dianthus cintranus subsp. cintranus Accepted EPM 0
Dianthus diutinus Accepted EPM 0
Dianthus hypanicus Accepted EPM 0
Dianthus morisianus Accepted TPL 0
Dioscorea chouardii Accepted EPM 0
Diplotaxis siettiana Accepted EPM 4
Diplotaxis siifolia subsp. vicentina Accepted EPM 0
Diplotaxis vicentina Synonym EPM Diplotaxis siifolia subsp. vicentina0
Diplotaxis virgata subsp. vicentina Synonym EPM Diplotaxis siifolia subsp. vicentina0
Dorycnium spectabile Accepted TPL 19
Draba cacuminum Accepted EPM 0
Draba cinerea Accepted EPM 0
Dracaena draco Accepted EPM 22
Drosera aldrovanda Synonym TPL Aldrovanda vesiculosa0
Echium acanthocarpum Accepted EPM 9
Echium callithyrsum Accepted EPM 17
Echium decaisnei subsp. purpuriense Accepted EPM 12
Echium gentianoides Accepted EPM 7
Echium handiense Accepted EPM 4
Echium onosmifolium subsp. spectabile Accepted EPM 9
Echium pininana Accepted EPM 8
Echium valentinum Synonym TPL Echium flavum4
Epipactis albensis subsp. mecsekensis Synonym EPM Epipactis nordeniorum0
Epipactis albensis subsp. moravica Synonym EPM Epipactis nordeniorum0
Epipactis condensata Accepted EPM 0
Epipactis cucullata Synonym EPM Cephalanthera cucullata4
Epipactis flaminia Accepted EPM 0
Epipactis greuteri Accepted EPM 1
Epipactis greuteri subsp. flaminia Synonym EPM Epipactis flaminia0
Epipactis macrophylla Synonym EPM Goodyera macrophylla0
Epipactis mecsekensis Synonym EPM Epipactis nordeniorum0
Epipactis moravica Synonym EPM Epipactis nordeniorum0
Epipactis nordeniorum Accepted EPM 0
Epipactis nordeniorum subsp. mecsekensis Synonym EPM Epipactis nordeniorum0
Epipactis persica subsp. moravica Synonym EPM Epipactis nordeniorum0
Epipactis placentina Accepted EPM 0
Epipactis placentina subsp. robatschiana Synonym EPM Epipactis placentina0
Epipactis pontica Accepted EPM 0
Epipactis robatschiana Synonym EPM Epipactis placentina0
Epipactis tallosii Accepted EPM 1
Epipactis tallosii subsp. tallosii Accepted EPM 0
Epipactis tallosii subsp. zaupolensis Accepted EPM 0
Epipactis troodi Accepted EPM 1
Epipactis veratrifolia Accepted EPM 1
Erigeron frigidus Accepted EPM 10
Erodium astragaloides Accepted EPM 0
Erodium paularense Accepted EPM 0
Erodium rupicola Accepted EPM 1
Eruca macrocarpa Synonym EPM Brassica macrocarpa1
Erucastrum palustre Accepted EPM 0
Eryngium viviparum Accepted EPM 0
Erysimum hungaricum Accepted EPM 0
Erysimum pieninicum Accepted EPM 1
Euphorbia bourgeana Accepted EPM 0
Euphorbia handiensis Accepted EPM 2
Euphorbia lambii Synonym EPM Euphorbia bourgeana0
Euphorbia margalidiana Accepted EPM 3
Euphorbia stygiana Accepted EPM 0
Euphrasia marchesettii Accepted EPM 0
Femeniasia balearica Synonym EPM Carthamus balearicus5
Ferula latipinna Accepted EPM 3
Ferula sadleriana Accepted EPM 0
Festuca brigantina Accepted EPM 0
Festuca ovina subsp. brigantina Synonym EPM Festuca brigantina0
Festuca subverticillata Accepted EPM 0
Fritillaria conica Accepted EPM 0
Fritillaria drenovskii Accepted EPM 0
Fritillaria epirotica Accepted EPM 1
Fritillaria euboeica Accepted EPM 0
Fritillaria obliqua Accepted EPM 0
Fritillaria obliqua subsp. tuntasia Accepted EPM 0
Fritillaria rhodocanakis Accepted EPM 0
Fritillaria tuntasia Synonym EPM Fritillaria obliqua subsp. tuntasia0
Galanthus ikariae Accepted EPM 0
Galanthus peshmenii Accepted EPM 0
Galanthus plicatus Accepted EPM 0
Galanthus reginae-olgae Accepted EPM 0
Galium cracoviense Accepted EPM 0
Galium rhodopeum Accepted EPM 0
Galium sudeticum Accepted EPM 0
Galium viridiflorum Accepted EPM 3
Genista ancistrocarpa Synonym EPM Genista anglica3
Genista anglica Accepted EPM 3
Genista anglica subsp. ancistrocarpa Accepted EPM 0
Genista benehoavensis Accepted TPL 7
Genista holopetala Accepted EPM 0
Genista linifolia Accepted EPM 5
Genista tetragona Accepted EPM 0
Gennaria diphylla Accepted EPM 0
Gentianella bohemica Synonym EPM Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica0
Gentianella praecox Accepted EPM 0
Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica Accepted EPM 0
Geranium maderense Accepted EPM 4
Glandora nitida Accepted EPM 8
Globularia ascanii Accepted EPM 9
Globularia sarcophylla Accepted EPM 12
Globularia stygia Accepted EPM 0
Gonospermum ptarmicaeflorum Synonym EPM Tanacetum ptarmiciflorum14
Goodyera macrophylla Accepted EPM 0
Gymnadenia archiducis-joannis Accepted EPM 0
Gymnadenia lithopolitanica Accepted EPM 0
Gymnadenia rubra subsp. stiriaca Synonym EPM Gymnadenia stiriaca0
Gymnadenia stiriaca Accepted EPM 0
Gymnadenia widderi Accepted EPM 0
Gypsophila papillosa Accepted EPM 0
Gyrocaryum oppositifolium Accepted EPM 0
Habenaria longibracteata Synonym EPM Platanthera micrantha0
Habenaria micrantha Synonym EPM Platanthera micrantha0
Heberdenia excelsa Accepted EPM 1
Helianthemum alypoides Accepted TPL 6
Helianthemum bystropogophyllum Accepted TPL 38
Helianthemum caput-felis Accepted TPL 23
Helianthemum guerrae Unresolved TPL 5
Helianthemum teneriffae Accepted TPL 4
Helichrysum gossypinum Accepted EPM 9
Helichrysum melitense Accepted EPM 0
Helichrysum monogynum Accepted EPM 12
Helictochloa hackelii Accepted EPM 0
Helictotrichon hackelii Synonym EPM Helictochloa hackelii0
Helictotrichon hackelii var. algarbiense Synonym TPL Helictotrichon hackelii0
Helosciadium bermejoi Accepted EPM 4
Herniaria algarvica Accepted EPM 0
Herniaria latifolia subsp. litardierei Synonym EPM Herniaria litardierei0
Herniaria litardierei Accepted EPM 0
Herniaria lusitanica subsp. berlengiana Accepted EPM 0
Hieracium lucidum Accepted EPM 0
Himantoglossum affine Accepted EPM 0
Himantoglossum comperianum Accepted EPM 0
Himantoglossum metlesicsianum Accepted EPM 1
Hippuris tetraphylla Accepted EPM 0
Horstrissea dolinicola Accepted EPM 0
Hypochaeris oligocephala Accepted EPM 4
Hypochoeris oligocephala Accepted EPM 0
Iberis arbuscula Synonym EPM Iberis runemarkii0
Iberis runemarkii Accepted EPM 0
Ilex perado subsp. iberica 0
Ilex perado subsp. lopezlilloi Accepted EPM 0
Ilex perado subsp. platyphylla Accepted EPM 0
Iris boissieri Accepted EPM 0
Iris diversifolia Synonym EPM Iris boissieri0
Isatis platyloba Accepted EPM 1
Isoetes azorica Accepted EPM 0
Isoetes boryana Accepted EPM 0
Isoetes fluitans Accepted EPM 0
Isoetes heldreichii Accepted EPM 0
Isoetes longissima Accepted EPM 0
Isoetes malinverniana Accepted EPM 0
Isoetes velata subsp. longissima Synonym EPM Isoetes longissima0
Isoplexis chalcantha Accepted EPM 56
Isoplexis isabelliana Accepted EPM 28
Jasione lusitanica Synonym EPM Jasione montana29
Jasione mansanetiana Synonym TPL Jasione foliosa subsp. mansanetiana6
Jasione montana Accepted EPM 29
Jasminum azoricum Accepted EPM 0
Juncus bufonius var. condensatus Synonym EPM Juncus sorrentinii0
Juncus sorrentinii Accepted EPM 0
Juncus valvatus Accepted EPM 0
Juniperus brevifolia Accepted EPM 0
Juniperus cedrus Accepted EPM 2
Jurinea fontqueri Accepted EPM 5
Kosteletzkya pentacarpa Accepted EPM 0
Kunkeliella psilotoclada Accepted EPM 0
Kunkeliella subsucculenta Accepted EPM 0
Lactuca grosii Synonym EPM Lactuca singularis0
Lactuca perennis subsp. granatensis Synonym EPM Lactuca singularis0
Lactuca singularis Accepted EPM 0
Lactuca watsoniana Accepted EPM 0
Lamyropsis microcephala Accepted EPM 1
Larix decidua var. polonica Accepted TPL 0
Larix polonica Synonym TPL Larix decidua var. polonica0
Laserpitium longiradium Accepted EPM 0
Leontodon microcephalus Synonym EPM Scorzoneroides microcephala6
Leopoldia gussonei Accepted EPM 0
Lepidium meyeri subsp. turczaninowii Accepted EPM 0
Lepidium turczaninowii Synonym EPM Lepidium meyeri subsp. turczaninowii0
Leucojum nicaeense Synonym EPM Acis nicaeensis0
Leucophae discolor Synonym EPM Sideritis discolor97
Leuzea longifolia Synonym EPM Rhaponticum longifolium0
Ligusticum huteri Synonym EPM Ligusticum lucidum subsp. huteri7
Ligusticum lucidum subsp. huteri Accepted EPM 7
Lilium rhodopeum Accepted EPM 0
Limonium arboreum Accepted EPM 5
Limonium calabrum Accepted EPM 0
Limonium dendroides Accepted EPM 1
Limonium fruticans Synonym EPM Limonium arboreum5
Limonium legrandii Accepted EPM 0
Limonium perezii Accepted EPM 3
Limonium preauxii Accepted EPM 18
Limonium sibthorpianum Accepted EPM 0
Limonium spectabile Accepted EPM 4
Limonium strictissimum Accepted EPM 0
Limonium sventenii Accepted EPM 26
Linaria hellenica Accepted EPM 0
Linaria pseudolaxiflora Accepted EPM 0
Linaria serpyllifolia subsp. lusitanica Accepted EPM 0
Linaria tonzigii Accepted EPM 4
Linum katiae 4
Linum maritimum Accepted TPL 2
Linum muelleri Synonym TPL Linum maritimum2
Liquidambar orientalis var. orientalis 2
Lithodora nitida Synonym EPM Glandora nitida8
Lotus callis-viridis Accepted EPM 4
Lotus eremiticus Accepted EPM 0
Lotus kunkelii Accepted EPM 8
Lotus maculatus Accepted EPM 2
Lotus pyranthus Accepted EPM 1
Lotus spectabilis Accepted EPM 19
Lyrolepis diae Synonym EPM Carlina diae1
Lyrolepis piae Synonym EPM Carlina diae1
Lythrum thesioides Accepted EPM 0
Mandragora officinarum Accepted EPM 0
Marcetella maderensis Accepted EPM 1
Marsilea aegyptiaca subsp. lusitanica Synonym EPM Marsilea batardae0
Marsilea azorica Synonym EPM Marsilea hirsuta0
Marsilea batardae Accepted EPM 0
Marsilea hirsuta Accepted EPM 0
Marsilea strigosa Accepted EPM 14
Marsilea strigosa subsp. lusitanica 14
Medicago arborea subsp. citrina Synonym EPM Medicago arborea27
Medicago citrina Synonym EPM Medicago arborea27
Mespilus nigra Synonym EPM Crataegus nigra0
Microcnemum coralloides Accepted EPM 0
Micromeria glomerata Accepted EPM 0
Micromeria leucantha Accepted EPM 1
Micromeria taygetea Synonym EPM Clinopodium taygeteum0
Micropyropsis tuberosa Accepted EPM 1
Minuartia dirphya Unresolved TPL 0
Moehringia fontqueri Synonym EPM Moehringia intricata subsp. tejedensis1
Moehringia hypanica Accepted EPM 0
Moehringia intricata subsp. tejedensis Accepted EPM 1
Moehringia tejedensis Synonym EPM Moehringia intricata subsp. tejedensis1
Moehringia tommasinii Accepted EPM 0
Monanthes wildpretii Accepted EPM 0
Monizia edulis Accepted EPM 1
Morella rivas-martinezii Accepted EPM 7
Muscari gussonei Synonym EPM Leopoldia gussonei0
Musschia wollastonii Accepted EPM 1
Myosotis azorica Accepted EPM 0
Myosotis rehsteineri Accepted EPM 0
Myrica rivas-martinezii Invalid Designation EPM Morella rivas-martinezii7
Najas flexilis Accepted EPM 0
Najas tenuissima Accepted EPM 0
Nananthea perpusilla Accepted EPM 0
Narcissus alcaracensis Accepted EPM 0
Narcissus bujei Accepted EPM 12
Narcissus longispathus Accepted EPM 52
Narcissus nevadensis Accepted EPM 6
Narcissus nevadensis subsp. enemeritoi Synonym EPM Narcissus enemeritoi0
Narcissus nevadensis subsp. nevadensis 0
Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. nevadensis Synonym EPM Narcissus nevadensis6
Narcissus radinganorum Synonym EPM Narcissus eugeniae12
Naufraga balearica Accepted EPM 4
Neottianthe cucullata Accepted EPM 0
Nigritella archiducis-joannis Synonym EPM Gymnadenia archiducis-joannis0
Nigritella lithopolitanica Synonym EPM Gymnadenia lithopolitanica0
Nigritella nigra subsp. lithopolitanica Synonym EPM Gymnadenia lithopolitanica0
Nigritella rubra subsp. archiducis-joannis Synonym EPM Gymnadenia archiducis-joannis0
Nigritella rubra subsp. stiriaca Synonym EPM Gymnadenia stiriaca0
Nigritella rubra subsp. widderi Synonym EPM Gymnadenia widderi0
Nigritella stiriaca Synonym EPM Gymnadenia stiriaca0
Nigritella widderi Synonym EPM Gymnadenia widderi0
Odontites granatensis Accepted EPM 4
Omalocline granatensis Synonym EPM Crepis granatensis6
Omphalodes kuzinskyanae Accepted EPM 0
Omphalodes littoralis subsp. gallaecica Accepted EPM 0
Onopordum carduelium Accepted EPM 12
Onopordum micropterum Accepted EPM 9
Onopordum nogalesii Synonym EPM Onopordum micropterum9
Onosma polyphylla Accepted EPM 0
Onosma tornensis Accepted EPM 0
Ophrys argolica Accepted EPM 0
Ophrys atlantica Accepted EPM 0
Ophrys ferrum-equinum subsp. argolica Synonym EPM Ophrys argolica0
Oporinia microcephala Synonym EPM Scorzoneroides microcephala6
Orchiodes macrophyllum Synonym EPM Goodyera macrophylla0
Orchis anatolica subsp. sitiaca Synonym EPM Orchis sitiaca0
Orchis boryi Synonym EPM Anacamptis boryi0
Orchis boryi subsp. alba Synonym EPM Anacamptis boryi0
Orchis morio subsp. boryi Synonym EPM Anacamptis boryi0
Orchis patens Accepted EPM 0
Orchis punctulata Accepted EPM 0
Orchis sitiaca Accepted EPM 0
Origanum cordifolium Accepted EPM 7
Oxytropis deflexa Accepted EPM 0
Paeonia clusii subsp. rhodia Accepted EPM 0
Paeonia parnassica Accepted EPM 1
Palaeocyanus crassifolius Synonym EPM Cheirolophus crassifolius0
Papaver laestadianum Accepted EPM 0
Papaver radicatum subsp. laestadianum Synonym EPM Papaver laestadianum0
Parolinia schizogynoides Accepted EPM 6
Patellaria webbiana Synonym EPM Patellifolia procumbens3
Patellifolia procumbens Accepted EPM 3
Patellifolia webbiana Synonym EPM Patellifolia procumbens3
Peramium macrophyllum Synonym EPM Goodyera macrophylla0
Pericallis hadrosoma Accepted EPM 15
Pericallis malvifolia Accepted EPM 0
Petagnaea gussonei Accepted EPM 1
Petagnia saniculifolia Synonym EPM Petagnaea gussonei1
Petrocoptis grandiflora Accepted EPM 0
Petrocoptis pseudoviscosa Accepted EPM 6
Phalaris maderensis Accepted EPM 1
Phitosia crocifolia Accepted EPM 0
Picconia azorica Accepted EPM 1
Picconia excelsa Accepted EPM 3
Picea omorika Accepted EPM 9
Picris willkommii Accepted EPM 5
Pilularia globulifera subsp. minuta 5
Pilularia minuta Accepted EPM 0
Pinguicula mundi Accepted EPM 0
Pinguicula nevadensis Accepted EPM 2
Pinguicula vulgaris subsp. nevadensis Synonym EPM Pinguicula nevadensis2
Pinus dalmatica Synonym EPM Pinus nigra subsp. dalmatica0
Pinus mugo subsp. rotundata Accepted EPM 0
Pinus nigra subsp. dalmatica Accepted EPM 0
Pinus nigra var. dalmatica Synonym EPM Pinus nigra subsp. dalmatica0
Pinus omorika Synonym EPM Picea omorika9
Pinus rotundata Synonym EPM Pinus mugo subsp. rotundata0
Pittosporum coriaceum Accepted EPM 1
Plagius flosculosus Accepted EPM 2
Plantago algarbiensis Accepted EPM 1
Plantago almogravensis Accepted EPM 0
Plantago bracteosa Synonym EPM Plantago subulata6
Plantago famarae Accepted EPM 7
Plantago subulata Accepted EPM 6
Platanthera algeriensis Accepted EPM 0
Platanthera azorica Synonym EPM Platanthera micrantha0
Platanthera micrantha Accepted EPM 0
Platanthera micrantha subsp. longibracteata Synonym EPM Platanthera micrantha0
Platanthera obtusata Accepted EPM 0
Platanthera obtusata subsp. oligantha Accepted EPM 0
Pleiomeris canariensis Accepted EPM 3
Poa glauca Accepted EPM 0
Poa laxa Accepted EPM 0
Poa riphaea Synonym EPM Poa glauca0
Podanthum giganteum Synonym EPM Asyneuma giganteum1
Polygala helenae Unresolved TPL 0
Polygala sinisica Unresolved TPL 1
Polygonum praelongum Accepted EPM 0
Polystichum drepanum Accepted EPM 0
Potentilla delphinensis Accepted EPM 0
Primula apennina Synonym EPM Primula pedemontana subsp. apennina0
Primula egaliksensis Accepted EPM 0
Primula palinuri Accepted EPM 1
Primula pedemontana subsp. apennina Accepted EPM 0
Primula scandinavica Accepted EPM 0
Prunus lusitanica subsp. azorica Accepted EPM 0
Prunus lusitanica subsp. hixa Accepted EPM 3
Prunus lusitanica subsp. lusitanica Accepted EPM 1
Prunus ramburii Accepted EPM 13
Pseudarrhenatherum pallens Accepted EPM 0
Pteris arguta Misapplied Name EPM Pteris incompleta0
Pteris incompleta Accepted EPM 0
Pteris palustris Synonym EPM Pteris incompleta0
Pteris serrulata Synonym EPM Pteris multifida0
Ptilotrichum pyrenaicum Synonym EPM Hormathophylla pyrenaica0
Puccinellia fasciculata Accepted EPM 0
Puccinellia fasciculata subsp. pungens Accepted EPM 0
Puccinellia phryganodes Accepted EPM 0
Puccinellia pungens Synonym EPM Puccinellia fasciculata subsp. pungens0
Pulsatilla vulgaris subsp. gotlandica Synonym TPL Anemone pulsatilla15
Pyrus arranensis Synonym TPL Sorbus arranensis0
Pyrus magyarica Accepted EPM 0
Ranunculus kykkoensis Accepted EPM 3
Ranunculus weyleri Accepted EPM 4
Rhamnus integrifolia Accepted EPM 1
Rhaponticum canariense Accepted EPM 0
Rhaponticum longifolium Accepted EPM 0
Rhazya orientalis Synonym EPM Amsonia orientalis0
Rhazya thracica Accepted EPM 0
Rhynchospora modesti-lucennoi Accepted EPM 1
Rhynchospora rugosa Misapplied Name EPM Rhynchospora modesti-lucennoi1
Ribes sardoum Accepted EPM 0
Rorippa valdes-bermejoi Accepted EPM 0
Rosmarinus tomentosus Accepted EPM 26
Rouya polygama Accepted EPM 2
Rumex rupestris Accepted TPL 3
Rupicapnos africana Accepted EPM 1
Ruta microcarpa Accepted TPL 7
Salicornia emerici Accepted EPM 1
Salicornia veneta Synonym EPM Salicornia emerici1
Salix tarraconensis Accepted EPM 1
Salvia herbanica Accepted EPM 9
Salvia veneris Accepted EPM 5
Sambucus nigra subsp. palmensis Synonym TPL Sambucus palmensis42
Sambucus palmensis Accepted TPL 42
Santolina elegans Accepted EPM 9
Saponaria jagelii Accepted EPM 0
Satureja anagae Synonym EPM Micromeria glomerata0
Satureja leucantha Accepted EPM 0
Saxifraga berica Accepted EPM 0
Saxifraga osloensis Accepted EPM 0
Saxifraga oslonsis Accepted EPM 0
Saxifraga portosanctana Accepted EPM 0
Saxifraga presolanensis Accepted EPM 0
Saxifraga tombeanensis Accepted EPM 2
Scilla litardierei Accepted EPM 0
Scilla morrisii Accepted EPM 5
Scorzoneroides microcephala Accepted EPM 6
Sedum brissemoretii Accepted EPM 0
Senecio alboranicus Synonym EPM Senecio gallicus2
Senecio caespitosus Synonym EPM Senecio pyrenaicus subsp. caespitosus0
Senecio doronicum subsp. lusitanicus Synonym EPM Senecio lusitanicus0
Senecio elodes Synonym EPM Tephroseris elodes1
Senecio hermosae Synonym EPM Bethencourtia hermosae4
Senecio lagascanus subsp. lusitanicus Synonym EPM Senecio lusitanicus0
Senecio lusitanicus Accepted EPM 0
Senecio malvifolius Synonym EPM Pericallis malvifolia0
Senecio nevadensis Accepted EPM 7
Senecio pyrenaicus subsp. caespitosus Accepted EPM 0
Seseli intricatum Accepted EPM 1
Sideritis angustifolia var. meridionalis Synonym EPM Sideritis reverchonii0
Sideritis cypria Accepted EPM 2
Sideritis cystosiphon Accepted EPM 3
Sideritis discolor Accepted EPM 97
Sideritis infernalis Accepted EPM 0
Sideritis javalambrensis Synonym EPM Sideritis pungens subsp. javalambrensis7
Sideritis marmorea Accepted EPM 3
Sideritis pungens subsp. javalambrensis Accepted EPM 7
Sideritis reverchonii Accepted EPM 0
Sideritis serrata Accepted EPM 1
Sideroxylon mermulana Synonym EPM Sideroxylon mirmulans2
Sideroxylon mirmulano Synonym EPM Sideroxylon mirmulans2
Sideroxylon mirmulans Accepted EPM 2
Silene diclinis Accepted EPM 51
Silene fernandezii Accepted EPM 24
Silene gazulensis Unresolved TPL 1
Silene hicesiae Accepted EPM 0
Silene hifacensis Accepted EPM 25
Silene holzmannii Accepted EPM 5
Silene nocteolens Accepted EPM 1
Silene orphanidis Accepted EPM 1
Silene sennenii Accepted EPM 0
Sinapidendron angustifolium Accepted EPM 0
Sinapidendron frutescens Accepted EPM 3
Sinapidendron rupestre Accepted EPM 1
Sinapidendron sempervivifolium Accepted EPM 0
Sisymbrella dentata Accepted EPM 0
Sisymbrium bursifolium Synonym EPM Sisymbrella dentata0
Sisymbrium cavanillesianum Accepted EPM 1
Solanum lidii Accepted EPM 14
Soldanella villosa Accepted EPM 0
Solenanthus albanicus Accepted EPM 0
Solenanthus reverchonii Accepted EPM 1
Sonchus bupleuroides Accepted EPM 5
Sonchus gandogeri Accepted EPM 3
Sorbus anglica Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus arranensis Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus aucuparia subsp. maderensis Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus badensis Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus bristoliensis Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus decipiens Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus eminens Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus franconica Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus heilingensis Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus leptophylla Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus leyana Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus maderensis Synonym EPM Sorbus aucuparia subsp. maderensis0
Sorbus multicrenata Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus parumlobata Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus pseudofennica Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus pseudothuringiaca Accepted EPM 0
Sorbus subcordata Synonym EPM Sorbus acutiloba0
Sorbus subcuneata Accepted EPM 2
Sorbus vexans Accepted EPM 1
Sorbus wilmottiana Accepted EPM 3
Statice legrandii Synonym EPM Limonium legrandii0
Stemmacantha cynaroides Synonym EPM Stemmacantha cynaroides10
Steptorhamphus singularis Synonym EPM Lactuca singularis0
Steveniella satyrioides Accepted EPM 0
Stipa bavarica Synonym EPM Stipa pulcherrima subsp. bavarica0
Stipa pulcherrima subsp. bavarica Accepted EPM 0
Stipa styriaca Accepted EPM 0
Stipa veneta Accepted EPM 0
Stipa zalesskii Accepted EPM 0
Succisella andreae-molinae Unresolved TPL 0
Sventenia bupleuroides Synonym EPM Sonchus bupleuroides5
Symphytum cycladense Accepted EPM 0
Symphytum davisii subsp. cycladense Synonym IUCN Symphytum cycladense0
Tanacetum oshanahanii Accepted EPM 7
Tanacetum ptarmiciflorum Accepted EPM 14
Teline nervosa Accepted TPL 12
Teline rosmarinifolia Synonym EPM Genista linifolia5
Teline salsoloides Accepted TPL 1
Tephroseris elodes Accepted EPM 1
Tephroseris longifolia subsp. moravica Accepted EPM 0
Tetraclinis articulata Accepted EPM 2
Teucrium abutiloides Accepted EPM 1
Teucrium lamiifolium Accepted EPM 0
Teucrium lepicephalum Accepted EPM Teucrium pumilum subsp. lepicephalum0
Teucrium pumilum subsp. lepicephalum Synonym EPM 0
Teucrium turredanum Accepted EPM 9
Thorella verticillato-inundata Accepted TPL 0
Tithymalus stygianus Synonym EPM Euphorbia stygiana0
Tolpis glabrescens Accepted EPM 0
Tragacantha drupacea Synonym EPM Astragalus drupaceus0
Tuberaria major Accepted TPL 0
Tulipa cypria Accepted EPM 3
Vaccinium arctostaphylos Accepted EPM 0
Verbascum litigiosum Accepted EPM 2
Veronica euxina Accepted EPM 0
Veronica micrantha Accepted EPM 1
Veronica oetaea Accepted EPM 0
Veronica turrilliana Accepted EPM 0
Vicia bifoliolata Synonym EPM Vicia filicaulis6
Vicia capreolata Accepted EPM 0
Vicia costae Accepted EPM 0
Vicia ferreirensis Accepted EPM 0
Vicia filicaulis Accepted EPM 6
Vincetoxicum pannonicum Accepted EPM 0
Viola athois Accepted TPL 0
Viola hispida Accepted TPL 1
Viola ucriana Unresolved TPL 0
Wagenitzia lancifolia Synonym EPM Centaurea lancifolia0
Xiphion boissieri Synonym EPM Iris boissieri0
Zelkova abelicea Accepted EPM 3
Zelkova sicula Accepted EPM 0

Results for target 8b 'At least 20% of threatened plant species available for recovery and restoration programmes':
- Total number of unique IUCN species (infraspecific taxa - i.e. infraspecific rank “subsp. and “var.” - not accounted for): 560
- Total number of matches ENSCONET vs. IUCN species (accepted names and synonyms): 336
- Total number of matches ENSCONET vs. unique IUCN species (accepted names only): 270
- Total coverage of European Red List of Vascular Plants and IUCN Red List 2015.4 by ENSCONET Consortium: 270/560 = 48.21%

Are not counted:
- 'History accessions' (H) which no longer exist in seed banks of the network.

For any help or enquiries please contact:
- Data/Information Management & Coordination: Stéphane Rivière
- Technical Lead: Nicolas Boretos
- Project Coordinator: Elinor Breman

Released in October 2009. Last data import: May 2017