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ENSCOBASE: the ENSCONET Virtual Seed Bank

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Total accessions by country of collection
Total accessions by bio-geographical region of collection
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Data evolution since October 2009
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Important notes:
1. The total of accessions is the sum of all institutions' accessions whereas the total of taxa is not as different institutions may store the same taxon.
2. Are not counted:
- "History accessions" (H) which no longer exist,
- Taxa and accessions whose species epithet is only "sp.",
- Propagated accessions (Z) whose wild provenance information is unknown.

53325 accessions (9367 taxa) collected in 11 bio-geographical regions
Bio-geographical group Accessions Taxa
Alpine 4448 1738
Anatolian 14 12
Atlantic 9407 2564
Black Sea 187 172
Boreal 293 180
Continental 12525 1952
Macaronesian 1002 462
East-Mediterranean 5450 2081
West-Mediterranean (France-Italy) 3678 1563
West-Mediterranean (Portugal-Spain) 16113 3442
Pannonian 150 120
Steppic 30 30
Total Europe 53325 9367

Important: please note that due to an issue with institutionís URLs, it is not currently possible to upload datasets into the database via URLs. Please send your datasets to Stéphane Rivière
For any help or enquiries please contact:
- Data/Information Management & Coordination: Stéphane Rivière
- Technical Lead: Nicolas Boretos
- Project Coordinator: Elinor Breman

Released in October 2009. Last data import: February 2018 (RBGK)